Welcome to The Pristine Lifestyle

Storefront Oct. 2016Welcome to our Blog, The Pristine Lifestyle.

Here at Pristine, we like to shake things up. We love beautiful Saint John, we love the people, but most of all, we love pushing the envelope and exploring new territory.

In this blog, you’ll get a comprehensive look at who we are, whats going on at the store, what influences us, and what we are trying to accomplish. You’ll get a look at new products, new brands, and the latest trends. You’ll also find special features, including spotlights on Saint John movers and shakers, event coverage, and special projects we are working on.

When the store opened over three years ago, “Pristine” was a small group of likeminded individuals with the simple dream of being able to design, create, inspire, and run a successful business in Uptown Saint John. Years have gone by, many things have changed, but momentum has only continued to grow and grow.

Tag along with us as we continue build and develop at New Brunswick’s premiere lifestyle clothing boutique.

This is our city, this is our time. This is the Pristine Lifestyle.