Trending for Autumn/Winter 2016

As we roll into the late Autumn season and slowly make our way towards winter, there a couple new trends popping up onto the men’s casual fashion scene that you should be aware of!


What to look out for this month: Quilting, Copper, and Marble!


Normally, for each season, we’ll see a predominate colour palette. This remains true for this fall/winter. Dark navies, greens, and classic black & whites are all popular this season. This is all fairly standard. However, it is in the highlights, textures, and pops of colour where you can truly experiment and create a look of your own.


A popular way to add dimension and texture to your outfit this season is QUILTING. Good old fashion quilting, as a technique, is nearly as old as garments themselves. When done properly, it not only adds a additional depth to your shirt or sweater, but can in fact improve the structural integrity of your piece of clothing. A quilted sweater, layered with a soft tee and fitted jacket will be sure to turn some heads.

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A popular accent colour in menswear this holiday season is COPPER! Yes, good old under-rated copper. Copper is an interesting colour because it adds a sort of “industrial-warmth” to your outfit. But don’t go too crazy, just a splash is all you need.

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Lastly, one trend that has been popular in women’s clothing culture for a couple of seasons that has transitioned into menswear is MARBLE. There’s just something sleek and elegant about marble that attracts all sorts of tastes. Designers across the board, from high fashion to core streetwear can be seen experimenting with marbling in one way or another. It is a great way to maintain a sleek and simple colour palette, yet add some dimension and depth the to garment.

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All of these items mentioned above are designed to give your  a splash of colour, or a bit of extra depth to enhance your outfits in the dreary early winter season. These are trending now and can found exclusively in Saint John at Pristine.


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Until next time.