If you’ve been into the store lately, you can’t help but notice our new custom display that is home to Civilized merchandise.

And if you’ve been strolling uptown lately, grabbing a bite on the boardwalk, or cruising through the City Market you may have noticed someone wearing a piece of Civilized clothing and wondered what it might be.

Civilized is an online publication founded by Saint John’s Derek Riedle, with offices in Uptown SJ and Venice Beach, California. Civilized’s purpose is to change the conversation surrounding marijuana culture – from an honest and modern point of view. Regardless of your stance on cannabis consumption, Civilized provides unique and insightful food for thought as the landscape of our society evolves and our opinions shift over time.


Publisher, Derek Riedle

“At Civilized we might be lighthearted and funny but we believe the underlying conversation on this important subject can and should be smart. Because we know cannabis can be smart. And healthy. And positive for our communities.”
– Riedle, from the website.

When you visit the website, you are greeted by a sharp and aesthetically pleasing interface offering you the latest editorials and entertaining news pieces from around the globe in regards to marijuana culture. You’ll find a variety of categories to satisfy your interests in the user friendly drop-down menu. From policy and health, to style, entertainment, and much more.. there is a category for all readers.

The Civilized office in Uptown Saint John is inside of the wonderfully quirky Creative Soup building, which also houses Revolution Strategy, Talons of Venice, and other cutting edge creative businesses. It is a hot bed of new ideas, and some of the most innovative businesses not only on the East Coast, but Canada as a whole.


A warm entrance inside the Creative Soup building.

In the Civilized workspace, a diverse group of individuals can be found working away on various projects and editorials in a modern, almost industrial setting. From writers, to photographers, to content creators, to executive assistants – the whole team works together in a fun environment to accomplish a common goal – bringing you Truly Honest Content.


Editor, Mark Leger, working away at Civilized.


A small section of the Civilized workspace.

With new projects on the horizon, and decriminalization becoming the norm, the crew at Civilized are excited and motivated, and building momentum everyday.

Big thanks to Haley Evans and the whole Civilized team for letting us spend a morning with them. Please take a minute to visit, and browse some of their latest articles and content.

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Civilized clothing and merchandise is available exclusively in Saint John at Pristine. Drop by 56 King Street to browse the collection.

Until next time – stay Civilized.