4 quick style lessons we can ALL take from Streetwear

Whether your style is preppy, punk, hip-hop, or something entirely different; streetwear culture has left us some valuable lessons that EVERYONE can learn from.

Despite your personal taste, theres no doubt that streetwear culture has a major influence on fashion, designers, music, and art. It is a melting pot of styles, ideas, and people that ultimately form a very unique tapestry. Take these 4 important lessons that streetwear has taught us, and improve your personal style.


  1. Stay youthful – don’t be afraid of progression and trying something new.
  2. Quality not quantity – purchase the best quality you can afford
  3. Simple but significant – base your outfits off a few staple pieces, and dress them up or down with accessories and pops of color
  4. Stay fresh – Take care of your gear! Build a wardrobe that will last years, not months.



Stay youthful

Many major fashion brands that have stood the test of time are based on history, and heritage. They come from a very specific place in time, and cater to a very specific look.

While this approach serves a purpose, streetwear culture has taught us that sometimes it is more important to look forward rather than behind us when it comes to fashion and style. The ability to redefine classics, to take traditional trends and turn them upside is what keeps streetwear culture so fun and interesting. Think progression, think youthfulness, think innovation.


Quality not Quantity 

One-offs, limited releases, special collaborations. A constant over-arching theme in streetwear is exclusivity. In streetwear, it is important to purchase the best quality that you can afford. Rather than ride the latest trend, or create a cheap product.. true streetwear fiends always try to break the boundaries and a create more limited, artisanal style pieces. This not only helps to keep the scene fresh, and it keeps the fashion wheels spinning and drives designers and creators to go one step beyond and develop the next streetwear “Holy Grail” a la Yeezy Boost 350.


Simple yet Significant

Streetwear culture lately has toned it down. Quality plain tees and selvedge denim are outfit staples, while focus and attention is given to accessories – specifically sneakers and watches. This is important because having a simple base to your outfit allows you to dress yourself up, or down, with relative ease. By keeping your top and bottoms relatively simple, you can switch up the whole vibe of your outfit by adding and removing accent pieces.


Stay “Fresh”

No, this does not mean walking around with a pack of gum in your pocket. If streetwear has taught us anything, its to take care of your wardrobe. Keep your sneakers clean, your tees crispy, and your accessories coordinated. If you’re going to drop a hard earned paycheque on the latest shoe release, or newest bomber jacket.. you better take care of your purchases. This will not only give you more bang for your buck, but it will add versatility and depth to your wardrobe as seasons pass by.


Until next time, live the Pristine Life.