4 Men’s trends for Spring/Summer ’17

Now of days keeping up with “trends” can be a little overwhelming, especially in our modern age where anyone with a smartphone can claim to be a “stylist,” or an “influencer.”

Men’s street style is evolving rapidly, and a single picture from an A-list celeb or your favorite musician can spark a style or look literally overnight. Taking all that into account, mens street style is still more or less dictated by over-arching trends in the fashion industry.

Now that the various worldly Fashion Weeks have ended, and designers and fashion houses have had a chance to showcase their lines for the upcoming year, there is a few common themes that have stood out more than others.

Stick to these 4 easy trends to stay fresh and fun this Spring and Summer.


  1. Looser fits

For the first time in a couple of decades, men’s tailoring is actually going back to the looser side of things. It seemed jeans were getting skinnier and skinnier, tees slimmer and slimmer, and everything in between got smaller. Over the course of the next few months, however, you’ll see menswear trending to the looser side of the spectrum. We’re not talking XXXL wide leg jeans with tall tees, but rather smartly tailored tees and and trousers designed with a more casual, effortless look. Think casual and relaxed, without the sloppy.


Examples: The Venice tee, and Bronx Sweater… by Fairplay LA. Both in stock now.












2. Pastels 

Just as we wrap up the Easter long weekend, you haven’t seen the last of pastel colours. Pastel tones are always a popular Spring trend and this year is no different. We saw plenty of pastels on runways over the past couple of months and now they are prevalent in most Spring/Summer collections. Pastels, like many bright colours can be tricky to pull off. Just remember, use pastels as an accent to add depth to your outfit, not as an anchor. Have some fun with it.


Examples: The Big Script LS Tee by Studio, and the Ill-de-fined Tee by LRG. In stock now.











3. Camouflage

Ah yes, good ol’ camo. Although its’ popularity seems to fluctuate, camouflage never really seems to go away in mens streetwear. Like a good bomber jacket, or casual sneaker, there is a always a place for camouflage in any man’s wardrobe. In a lot of collections this Spring we see some varying and modern takes on traditional camo. Like pastel colors, camouflage can add a nice accent to your outfit. When done properly, it can add depth and masculinity to your look without being over the top.

Try these: the Lark Bomber jacket, and Amiz Tee… by Fairplay LA. Both in stock now.












4. Embellishment

After a few seasons of relentless minimalism in high fashion, men’s street style is going back to it’s louder, more fun roots. After all, fashion is meant to be a form of expression. Paint splatters, bleach stains, patches, slogans, even scribbles are all visible in Spring/Summer collections. Don’t get us wrong, classic layering pieces and simple tones are always in style, however this Spring/Summer is all about making fashion fun again and expressing yourself.

Two easy examples: The Topper Pocket Tee by LRG, and the Reaper denim by Crooks.

Both in stock now.




Spring & Summer are times when you can get away with more in menswear. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and fits, and as always, try to have some fun with it. Keep these four trends in mind when planning your next outfit or purchases. All the items featured in this blog post are available now at Pristine.

One last hot tip… the color of the summer will be… Green. You heard it hear first.


Until next time, support your city. Live the Pristine Life.

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